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<civodul>i tweaked a tiny bit
<civodul>i think i'll publish it later today
<civodul>not too happy about the conclusion, but i don't know
<rekado>thumbs up emoji!
<rekado>I still feel that the very last sentence reads like it was tacked on, but it may not be a problem
<rekado>the paragraph before that is fine as a conclusion
<rekado>maybe only the very last sentence needs a minor update
<rekado>I’m not feeling creative enough right now to suggest something better, but if the only perceived problem is the very last sentence maybe it’s actually fine as it is :)
<civodul>yeah i share that feeling about the last sentence!
<civodul>"Hopefully these new development environments will support performance portability well enough that users and packagers will not need to worry about it." (to replace the very last sentence)
*civodul lacks inspiration
<zimoun>civodul: Profilic holidays ;-) Nice read the --tune blog post.
<zimoun>civodul: about the HPC report, maybe I (or efraim) can write a paragraph about Julia because the number of available packages is becoming neat.
<zimoun>And I will try to write a paragraph about PoG, especially about PoG.
<rekado>oof, the HPC report caught me by surprise
<rekado>I’ve done nothing at all for the GWL :(
<zimoun>me too, by surprise. And it is not earlier than usual.
<rekado>the past year I’ve felt busier than ever, but also rather unaccomplished. I know I’ve actually done quite a few things, but few things that are big enough to stand out.
<rekado>stretched too thin, I guess
<civodul>zimoun: yes, Julia and PoG are great topics!
<civodul>rekado: heh :-) maybe the way you used PiGx for waste water sequencing would be of interest?