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<rekado_>I’m confused. Didn’t Tensorflow remove all CMake files a while ago?
<rekado_>I just browsed the repository and I see a CMakeLists.txt for newer versions.
<rekado_>Newer than 1.9.0 anyway
<rekado_>looks like I should attempt upgrading it.
<drakonis>no cmake in newer releases, yeah.
<drakonis>its all bazel now
<rekado_>but why do I see cmake files in newer versions?
<rekado_>that’s really surprising, because I was convinced I saw a commit that removed all CMake support back then.
<drakonis>that's not the current one though, tensorflow is at 2.0 now
<drakonis>also that's 2 years old
<drakonis>let me check something real quick
<drakonis>it doesnt exist on master btw
<drakonis>cmake is only required for tensorflow lite it seems
<rekado_>tensorflow 1 and 2 are developed concurrently
<rekado_>or rather: they were :)
<rekado_>I’m happy when I can upgrade our 1.9.0 to 1.15.5
<rekado_>I’m not too worried about tensorflow 2
<drakonis>i see