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<zimoun>efraim: I am packaging BioSequences and I get at check phase «ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package IndexableBitVectors [1cb3b9ac-1ffd-5777-9e6b-a3d42300664d] is required but does not seem to be installed:» where IndexableBitVectors is in the inputs list, it works when I check it manually. Do you have an idea about what could be wrong?
<rekado>how does it search for it?
<efraim>Nothing comes to mind immediately
<zimoun>rekado: I have checked the build system and I do not see what could be wrong.
<zimoun>efraim, thanks. I will investigate more. Bute IndexableBitVectors does not have Project.toml so maybe something requires a tweak somewhere. :-)
<zimoun>efraim, I do not know if it is related. All the packages without Project.toml are in [compat] or [extras], never in [deps]. The file Project.toml for BioSequences.jl contains IndexableBitVectors in [deps] and IndexableBitVectors uses #:julia-package-uuid. Maybe the loadpath is inadequate for this case. I do not know.
<zimoun>Perhaps, julia-create-package-toml is required here.
<zimoun>I will try it tomorrow. :-)