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<zimoun>civodul, when is your show at JCAD? Is it free/public?
<civodul>zimoun: my show! :-)
<civodul>my show is at 16h50:
<civodul>and yes it's public, only via Teams :-/
<civodul>(works in pre-merge ungoogled-chromium)
<zimoun>ah, the well-known commit. ;-)
<mbakke>hum, is there an ungoogled-chromium problem post-merge? I could open the Teams stream here at least (but don't understand much..).
<mbakke>oh, but I never test xorg chromium these days
<zimoun>mbakke: I do not know if the merge solves it, but for sure, before the merge, I had issues when using BBB or similar.
<mbakke>perhaps it only works with fast CPUs, as upstream "deprecated" hardware acceleration on GNU/Linux a few releases back
<mbakke>I've seen patches to re-enable it though, will give it a try