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<civodul>howdy zimoun!
<zimoun>civodul: playing with julia and ghc and rebuilding a lot of thing, a ’parallel’ (build or/test) transformation to turn on/off seems missing. Well, if parallel is #t, it is easy to turn off with --cores=1. But the contrary requires to tweak in the source; which is not always convenient.
<civodul>zimoun: yes, --cores is that transformation
<zimoun>civodul, but I cannot rewrite if parallel-build? is to #f. For instance Haskell. Julia could be another example.
<zimoun>if parallel-*? is to #t, then --cores does the job.
<zimoun>if parallel-*? is set to #f, game over. Tweak the source etc.
<civodul>yeah right
<PurpleSym>MathJax 3:
<rekado>PurpleSym: woo!!
<PurpleSym>With caveats. Obviously. But I guess it’s a start.
<rekado>I think they are acceptable
<rekado>the lack of accessibility features was also something I ran into when I first attempted to build it from source
<rekado>the speech-* stuff is a whole project of its own
<PurpleSym>Yeah, I looked at speech-rule-engine and it was clear that we cannot package it at this point – even though it doesn’t have the craziest dependencies. But I cannot build it with esbuild without serious patching.
<rekado>that's where I gave up last time.
<PurpleSym>I’m a little bummed that module loading is not working :(
<civodul>well done though!
<zimoun>rekado: do you know if people use GATK4, qualimap and varscan2 at your place? Java bioinfo tools. GATK4 is something so…
<rekado>yes, some use GATK
<rekado>pretty close to impossible to build
<civodul>i got a request for torchvision, which is apparently separate from pytorch
<civodul>and: guix import: error: no source release for pypi package torchvision 0.11.1
<zimoun>rekado, ah ok. Thanks!
<civodul>rekado: you proposed making it easy to skip phases that remove -march=native; did you have specific packages in mind?
<rekado>civodul: nothing in particular, but I thought of LV2 plugins
<civodul>i guess they don't come with benchmarks?... :-)
<rekado>quite unlikely :)