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<efraim>rekado_: looks to me like mathjax@2.7.9 (the last of the 2.x series), on a single line but not necessarily minimized
<PurpleSym>I’m pretty sure it’s been run through a minimizer.
<rekado_>this is my WIP from way back:
<rekado_>mathjax 3.1.2
<rekado_>didn’t get too far
<PurpleSym>I also took a look at building MathJax with pure esbuild. I can build a bundled script for the browser pretty easily if I fix up imports. But it fails at runtime, because there’s a weird global MathJax object, which is never imported anywhere, but implicitly assumed to be available. And I don’t understand TypeScript enough to figure out what is wrong 😢
<PurpleSym>(Actually, `MathJax._` seems to be generated by their custom build system *sigh*)