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<zimoun`>civodul, just for my information, does julia build “deterministically” on your machine? And could you give some information about your CPU&co to report upstream? Where can I find Bayfront info?
<zimoun`>efraim, you should be happy with Well it is not pefect, but it improves a bit the situation for building julia-* packages. :-)
<efraim>I just built julia in ~30 minutes on core-updates on my machine
<efraim>I think before it was about 3 hours
<zimoun`>you mean core-updates-frozen right?
<efraim>yeah, that's what I meant
<zimoun`>the test suite of julia-* is also a bit parallezied :-)
<zimoun`>and patch#52117 fixes couple of packages not passing.
<zimoun`>efraim: BTW, I hope your holidays was nice. :-)
<efraim>It was really nice. The pool was a bit cold but we all enjoyed the trip immensely
<civodul>zimoun`: my Julia build was interrupted, i'd need to retry...
<zimoun`>efraim, Cool! In Paris just outside is cold. ;-)
<efraim>We went all the way to Eilat so it was in the mid 20s during the days
<zimoun`>oh I did not know this sea access. :-)
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