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<PurpleSym>rekado_: I’ve been ill and couldn’t follow up on What do we do about it? I’m confused why a QT-only app would need GTK, but I can apply the patch if you see the need.
<rekado_>uhm, you know, I hadn’t realized that this is GTK in a QT-only application!
<rekado_>I wonder if perhaps the reason for this error is some QT/GTK themes that causes GTK’s gschema files to be loaded
<PurpleSym>rekado_: Yes, this was my guess too, but the reporter tested it and it still occurred. Maybe even just having a theme installed is enough? I’ll give that a shot.
<civodul>meanwhile, on a different planet:
<rekado_>civodul: I can’t follow the diff. I don’t understand what exactly they are doing. Is it “just” to run bazel?
<civodul>rekado_: i think so, not entirely sure