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<zimoun>rekado: you did Bioconductor upgrade, great. Thanks!
<civodul>the mamba folks (CONDA in C++) have written Rhumba, R bindings to mamba
<civodul>"goals in 2021" (mamba)
<civodul>"sandboxing virtual envs"
<civodul>"store source code for recipes"
<civodul>"make builds more reproducible"
<civodul>(that's a nice talk BTW)
<zimoun>civodul, cool! Could you remember me which COnf?
<civodul>zimoun: PackagingCon!
<zimoun>civodul: thanks.
<efraim>from the julia binary-builder talk:'ed-JLL-packages
<civodul>"you can override the Fontconfig library provided by Fontconfig_jll.jl" -> does that mean that this JLL provides a bundled copy of
<civodul>that all looks quite scary