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<rekado_>I’m upgrading all CRAN packages
<rekado_>after that I’ll upgrade R
<rekado_>I’m not happy that the GWL isn’t seeing any updates for so long.
<rekado_>one of these days I’ll have to revisit the performance problems and find a way to cache the work that Guix has to perform.
*rekado_ builds CRAN packages
<PurpleSym>rekado_: I’m about to push – do we need to synchronize the two updates?
<PurpleSym>(i.e. CRAN + Haskell)
<rekado_>no need to sync
<rekado_>I’ll rebase my changes on top of master before pushing this as wip-r
<jgart>has anyone used the jami package in guix successfully?
<apteryx>jgart: wrong channel? :-)
<jgart>ha yes, that was meant for #guix
<apteryx>no worries!