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<civodul>it eventually worked :-)
<rekado>civodul: I haven’t used pdfpc on exwm. Perhaps it would work better for you in windowed mode?
<civodul>hmm doesn't really help
<civodul>also, "pdfpc -M" lists two monitors, but if i try to pass options -1 or -2, it says "monitor not found"
<civodul>tools that try to be randr-aware rarely work for me
<civodul>dunno if it's because of exwm or just that PEBKAC
<rekado>it worked flawlessly in my Gnome environment.
<rekado>(this is probably the most important reason why I’m sticking with Gnome. If something were to go wrong at a presentation with my custom tiling environment I wouldn’t know how to fix it quickly.)
<civodul>yeah, and that's the reason i'm sticking with Evince, but it's suboptimal
<rekado>I agree.
<rekado>I use Evince primarily for printing.
<rekado>(I often view PDF in Emacs, but searching inside of a PDF hung my Emacs just yesterday…)
<civodul>with exwm i can't afford such hangs ;-)
<civodul>"guix build --check ..." on our cluster shows how much of a mess those rc files are
<rekado>do you mean “guix shell --check”?
<rekado>I’m eager to try this out soon — and by that I mean to tell users to run it :)
<civodul>ah yes