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<drakonis>the substitutes server doesnt seem to work out of the box until the key is imported
<civodul>did you follow the instructions at ?
<drakonis>i have, yes.
<drakonis>ah, it is being provided by a different server now?
<drakonis>i'm still using this
<civodul>ah? maybe that works too
<drakonis>its in the readme for the repo
<civodul>i added guix-science to a few weeks ago
<civodul>but apparently the success rate is low because of some Cuirass SNAFU
<civodul>other than that it should work
<efraim>It looks like the 'sanity-check phase doesn't work on python-2.4 packages
<zimoun`>efraim, there are still python-2.4 packages ?
<efraim>in guix-past
<efraim>I probably won't get around to them until after the core-updates merge, I don't want to figure out the if-defs for maybe replacing bits
<PurpleSym>efraim: Do you have a log?
<efraim>I don't off hand, but here's what I stashed for later:
<PurpleSym>Might be worth duplicating python-build-system into guix-past. I would like to overhaul it ( and it will most likely not work with Python 2.4.
<efraim>unfortunately that's what I was thinking might be the best option
<efraim>didn't really want to duplicate the code, but guix-past certainly can't be used to hold up guix itself
<civodul>yes, that sounds like a good idea
<civodul>maybe call it differently in guix-past to avoid confusion
<zimoun`>I miss why it is required to maintain old code when “guix time-machine” should do the job for us.
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<efraim>python-setuptools-for-tensorflow doesn't build on core-updates-frozen
<civodul>does python-setuptools-for-tensorflow build on core-updates-frozen-with-some-changes tho? :-)
<efraim>I haven't looked into it yet