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<zimoun>Recall, today Café Guix, 14h CEST <>
<zimoun>civodul, nice artwork. It looks a bit pixelized
<zimoun>is it on purpose? Arty stuff?
<zimoun>Ah no, it is 13h CEST, ouch! I could be late…
<civodul>zimoun: yes, it's art :-)
<zimoun>I thought my coffee was not enough strong. ;-)
<rekado>when in doubt it’s probably art :)
*civodul is an artist
<zimoun>Using Disarchive, I found a bug for SWH: <> :-)
<civodul>the artist wanted to suggest the irony of an "on-line café"
<civodul>where pixels are a metaphor of the on-line digital world
<civodul>zimoun: oh, interesting!
<civodul>you noticed while running 'guix lint -c archival something'?
<zimoun>civodul: Modern art always requires explanations. ;-)
<zimoun>civodul: I noticed working on 376+217 missing git-references from Preservation Of Guix <>
<civodul>oh ok
<civodul>heads-up: did you have a chance to look at 'guix shell --check'?
<civodul>asking here because cluster users typically run into that sort of problem
<PurpleSym>Congrats, civodul !
<civodul>PurpleSym: thanks, there's efraim too!
<civodul>i wonder where they got that logo from
<efraim>could be gravatar, then again I think I uploaded my picture specially
<efraim>I have to find the original again where my head isn't cut off
<PurpleSym>Ah, sorry efraim , I missed that one.
<zimoun>oh nice!
<PurpleSym>This one looks interesting too:
<PurpleSym>And this one:
<zimoun>civodul, I will not have time for chiming in --check. Tomorrow, I have.
<zimoun>civodul: how years is «yen years»? ;-)
<civodul>oh fun
<civodul>PurpleSym: probably a lot to learn from those
<civodul>zimoun: i was planning on pushing --check today so it's introduced in the blog post as well
<civodul>it won't be set in stone though!
<zimoun>oh PackagingCon is after 6-10:00 PM Paris time.
<zimoun>«Most package managers need a dependency solver, but dependency solving is an NP-hard problem, and writing a correct solver from scratch is difficult to do correctly, let alone a fast solve». If the first statement is refused, what happens?
<zimoun>Because of solvers, Spack is not “reproducible” by design.
<zimoun>Spack is “just” modulefiles on HUGE steroids from my understanding.
<civodul>+ build system, tooling, convenient UIs, etc.
<zimoun>yeah, HUGE steroids. ;-)
<zimoun>I mean, Spack will have the same issues as Modulefiles, at one point or another. It is not necessary a bad thing (each cluster is different) but a fact. :-)
<zimoun>Other interesting slots
<zimoun>Wow! Many interesting materials :-)
<zimoun>I would recommend you about Pkg.jl the Julia package manager which implement content-address via UUID.
<zimoun>civodul, cool you pushed --check. :-)
<civodul>yeah, fearlessly!
<civodul>we can fine-tune over time
<rekado>I’m getting a huge guix inferior backtrace in my pigx-web application. Nothing that looks useful, though.
<rekado>so, today I gave a talk that I had not practiced before. I used pdfpc (newest version from core-updates-frozen) and I can recommend it.
<rekado>it’s standard presentation software in that it shows your notes and the next slide on your laptop (“presenter view”) and the current slide on the second monitor.
<rekado>I had pretty good notes, so I just followed those during the talk.
<zimoun`>rekado: pdfpc looks nice, I used Emacs and pdftools – poor man solution. :-)
<rekado>yeah, that’s also what I used before, but that only works if you know what you’re doing and what you’re going to say :)
<rekado>I got sick and could rely 100% on my notes
<zimoun`>that’s cool! the version on master does not own enough features?
<rekado>it has all the features I use, but on core-updates-frozen there are a lot more that I haven’t tried yet
<rekado>e.g. embedding of videos, subtitles, etc
<rekado>transitions too.
<rekado>I only remembered pdfpc because it didn’t build when I upgraded my packages after switching to core-updates-frozen.
<rekado>and upgrading it was the only good way around the build failure.
<rekado>the webinar I attended today had a proprietary solution for “reproducible” genomics analysis scheduled two slots before my talk on our new PiGx web thing.
<rekado>and of course one of the questions was about comparing Guix to (bio)conda, which always feels like a category error to me.
<rekado>but I think I accidentally came up with a fair response that acknowledges the role bioconda plays in the bioinfo community
<rekado>another odd error: the info-dir derivation fails, but there’s no output at all, so also no logs. No idea why it fails.
<rekado>looks like this:
<zimoun`>rekado: could you quickly sketch the arguments Conda vs Guix you used?
<zimoun`>about info-dir, no idea. Is it from core-updates-frozen or master?
<rekado>this is on a somewhat older version of the master branch
<rekado>pro conda: *very* widely used, so you’ll likely encounter it as the supported installation method for new bioinfo tools. So conda can be used to quickly test if the tool is worth using.
<zimoun`>rekado: I see, thanks.
<civodul>rekado: re info-dir.drv, that vaguely rings a bell; could it be ?
<rekado>civodul: I’ll pull and see if that fixes it.
<civodul>does pdfpc work with exwm?
<civodul>i can't seem to get it to display notes
<civodul>i have a feeling that these tools are always almost there, but not quite
<drakonis>so, i'm having some weirdness regarding guix-science right now