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<civodul>super weird, this code hasn't changed in ages
<rekado_>yeah. I’ll look at this tomorrow again. It’s probably because I have this mixed environment: upgraded my system to core-updates-frozen. Maybe there are confusing variables or system files.
<rekado>okay, looks like it’s *not* okay to have a file called ‘new’ in the repository root directory.
<rekado>I have a temp file containing /gnu/store file names in there and it is read by the compiler…
<rekado>./new:1:1: error: expected unqualified-id before '/' token
<rekado> /gnu/store/7njqrdr91m894jfzgml8wd6pa4sg2dfy-r-dt-0.19/site-library/DT/htmlwidgets/datatables.js
<rekado>I renamed new to new.whatever and the daemon can be compiled now
<zimoun`>rekado: about 51169, do not worry. :-) I just want to avoid it falls in the crack :-)
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<rekado>zimoun: I just pushed it.
<zimoun>the mcron task building the Guix-HPC website is still down. Can someone relaunch it?
<zimoun>Or is civodul the only one with the rights to do it?
<zimoun>rekado: thanks for 51169
<nckx>In procedure lstat: No such file or directory: "/home/static-web-site/.cache/guix/checkouts/y7olrnaiq2ataxndlwuwjvawcdpabolk6b5u7lxdp4c5u7rrquya/doc/atelier-reproductibilit?"
<nckx>zimoun: What, exactly needs to happen?
<nckx>Unicode: one of these decades, it will work everywhere.
<civodul>hi there!
<civodul>zimoun: still problems with mcron?
<civodul>i've just restarted it and spawned the web site thing by hand
<civodul>BTW folks, did you know?é-guix/
<civodul>organized by zimoun et al. for the French-speaking crowd
<civodul>but we can make an international one anytime you folks are around :-)
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<rekado>*German weeping noises*
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<civodul>let's have a German-speaking one! :-)
*civodul is always super creative
<rekado>I’m going to give an MDC/BIH talk about PiGx (and thus also Guix) next Tuesday.
<zimoun>nckx: the website was not built. And I suspect French accent to mess the “brôl“ :-)
<rekado>probably just an updated version of the talk I gave in Shenzhen.
<nckx>But what was the fix?
<zimoun>nckx: civodul did it by hand. IIUC.
<nckx>Did what by hand? 😛
<nckx>(There was a running mcron job, only it was failing with the error pasted above.)
<zimoun>nckx: I do not know. What I know is: I push update to the website and the website is not built. Then civodul does stuff and it works. I cannot tell more.
<nckx>The answer is civodul.
<zimoun>yeah civodul is the answer :-)
<zimoun>civodul, about<HASH>, is this <HASH> the checksum from upstream or the checkum after applying patches (what Guix really builds)?
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<civodul>rekado: re the PiGx talk, nice!
<civodul>if there are events open to a broader public, we can announce them
<civodul>nckx: my secret trick is to run "sudo su - static-web-site -c /gnu/store/vzmjqz83vn9n49dz6hc9dmqj0kx1c91r-update-guix-hpc-web" when i don't want to wait
<civodul>the store file name comes from "herd schedule mcron"
<nckx>Aha, thank you! Is that all you did for now, or is the periodic generation also working again?
<civodul>i don't know!
<nckx>Yeah, I used that command to look at the Scheme code.
<civodul>i did it manually this time and also restart the thing
<nckx>I didn't know how to correctly run it though.
<civodul>or maybe it doesn't work when started from mcron?
<civodul>nckx: you mentioned an error at
<civodul>how did you obtain it?
<nckx>Still seems to be happening.
<civodul>ah ha!
<civodul>so there's something
<nckx>This halloween, be haunted by our spooky locale errors 🎃
<civodul>never ending locale errors
<civodul>fixed in maintenance.git!
<civodul>reconfigured and all; those mcron jobs are gonna rock like never
<nckx>\o/ Thanks civodul and zimoun.
<civodul>doesn't work well on a white background tho
*civodul .oO don't i have better things to do?
<rekado>this is beautiful! I had that same idea, though I wouldn’t have come up with pixelating it. Excellent choice!
<civodul>heh thanks :-)
<rekado>are the fonts of the two words different? Or is it the same font with different weight?
<rekado>I’d probably use the same weight and waste a lot of time haphazardly fiddling with kerning before agreeing that it was better before I fiddled with it.
<civodul>these are different fonts (Fira and Bitstream Vera), which is not great, but Vera lacks a "thin" variant and looks kinda large
<civodul>(and is not pretty IMO)