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<rekado>zimoun: Hi, what do you mean re R versions and reproducibility?
<zimoun>rekado: I have vague memories about a discussion here. Dependening on the version of R, one does not get the same results with the same code (or package set).
<zimoun>civodul: you did some GIFs for a blog post, right? Which tool did you use? Well, if you remember. ;-0
<civodul>zimoun: for animated GIFs i'd typically use byzanz, with post-processing in GIMP if needed
<civodul>(for QEMU "videos" i have custom script)
<zimoun>civodul: thanks. I was trying with asciinema but I am failing to easily convert their “cast” format to Gif one.
<zimoun>I am going to try byzanz :-)
<zimoun>arf, the duration is annoying… But asciicast2git is NPM stuff… And use “docker run” for producing GIFs seems bazooka.. :-)
<rekado>I use peek.
<rekado>for gifs; but I prefer other formats when they can be used, and peek supports them.