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<PurpleSym[m]>There’s an actual CUDA translator here: (Never tried it though.)
<PurpleSym[m]>rekado_: Could you have a look at these patches for wip-haskell and tell me whether they make sense or not:
<PurpleSym[m]>I don’t see where any of the pigx pipelines is using pandoc-citeproc as a filter, so I think it’s safe to remove that dependency. But I’m not entirely sure and I don’t want to break your software.
<rekado_>PurpleSym[m]: looks good to me.
<rekado_>the pipelines aren’t using pandoc-citeproc directly. It’s just something that … something … would complain about when it’s not installed.
<rekado_>I forgot what component this was.
<rekado_>removing this should be fine
<PurpleSym[m]>Thank you rekado_. I will fix up the remaining ones depending on pandoc-citeproc and then wip-haskell should be ready to merge.
<drakonis>pandoc for guile, eventually?
<PurpleSym[m]>drakonis: I don’t think that exists, does it?
<drakonis>sadly not.
<drakonis>some day though
<drakonis>a set of format parsers would be really good though
<drakonis>but pandoc's big thing seems to be the conversion, not parsing
<civodul>let's first get the texinfo modules in Guile in shape so they can supersede Texinfo-in-Perl :-)
<drakonis>i was wondering, how exactly would i create a new guix command while out of tree?
<drakonis>hm, i think i answered that myself, gwl's source can explain the how
<civodul>GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH i guess
<drakonis>right now i just want to extend it for testing without having to build it directly inside guix's git repo