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<rekado_>juts noticed that r-dt bundles a lot of minified JavaScript
<rekado_>it comes with a script to update the JavaScript, so I should be able to fetch all the original JS
<civodul>apparently packaging-con will probably use StreamYard or Airmeet for speakers, and live YouTube streaming for attendees
<civodul>does anyone know these two services?
<civodul>in particular whether they can be used with free software, whether they insert a logo on the image like Zoom does, etc.?
<civodul>efraim: you have a talk there, right?
<rekado_>never heard of them
<drakonis>hmm, streamyard isn't zoom levels of horrible but it still isn't foss
<drakonis>neither is airmeet
<drakonis>however their features are a superset of things like jitsi and zoom