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<drakonis>so, i started writing my guix vs nix post and i feel like i might end slamming nix pretty hard
<drakonis>civodul: so i have actually started writing the post and i think i might be slamming nix a bit too much
<civodul>drakonis: hi! heh, slamming is not fruitful IMO
<civodul>and not necessary either
<dstolfa>agreed, imo it would be best to acknowledge its contributions, talk about its limitations and reasoning for guix
<dstolfa>without nix there would likely be no guix, so...
<dstolfa>nix pioneered a lot of great things
<drakonis>its that i'm not aiming to do it but it comes across as such
<dstolfa>drakonis: well, it's a good exercise! :)
<drakonis>indeed it is
<drakonis>a lot of the things that guix has as a core driving principle are merely incipient on the nix side and are driven by a small crowd
<drakonis>so its never going to stick
<civodul>i see what you mean
<civodul>i think the way to frame it is that the two projects have different goals and priorities
<civodul>people who like one may be disappointed that the other one has other priorities :-)
<drakonis>hah, there are even a few of nix's folks on guix's channel
<drakonis>i've already framed it as such but talking about nix having such things is where it comes across as such
<drakonis>writing is hard
<civodul>i've pushed updates to the "pytorch" article i mentioned earlier:
<civodul>thanks to rekado_'s suggestions in particular
<civodul>(i tend to be harsh towards pip & conda actually, but i think these pieces of software and associated workflows deserve it :-))
<dstolfa>civodul: i don't read it as harsh, i read it as just stating the facts that people like to ignore
<dstolfa>that is to say... simply saying your software does one thing does not make it so :)