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*civodul nods
<zimoun>Oh dear, why conda is so popular with bioinfo folks? Damned! Why?!
<rekado>I can’t answer this.
<rekado>conda keeps intruding in my perfect little world
<rekado>there must be something that makes people ditch everything and use conda again and again.
<rekado>but maybe it’s futile to look for a reason. After all if a blog post says to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and run a couple of odd commands people do that without question.
<rekado>so I think it’s popular because it is already popular (network effect), and it is already popular because popular tools advertise the use of conda.
<rekado>ease of use or features don’t really factor into it as long as a certain threshold is cleared.
<civodul>it was the first tool to solve some deployment problems for a category of users
<civodul>and now it sticks around: network effect, propaganda, prolly govt support in some cases, etc.
<civodul>(and it still solves problems "well enough")
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