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<PurpleSym>I almost got rocm-opencl-runtime working, just a weird rpath issue(?) with OpenCL right now.
<civodul>yay, nice!
<rekado_>I wonder if tensorflow or keras can use this as a backend?
<rekado_>I almost finished tensorflow-lite
<rekado_>I previously built the wrong target which only spits out a static library, but now I’m almost done with the shared lib.
<rekado_>not sure how to build the Python bindings, though. Kind of important to have, I suspect.
<PurpleSym>rekado_: I believe AMD has forked tensorflow to add support.
<rekado_>ah, that’s excellent
<rekado_>I guess someone needs to tackle Bazel to let us move forward.
<rekado_>I’ll definitely try the bazel to cmake thing and see how far I get.