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<rekado>today it’s my turn to ask a FAQ:
<rekado>does anyone have a more recent tensorflow package?
<rekado>I’ll try packaging tensorflow-lite now
<civodul>ah ha!
<civodul>my turn to say "good luck" ;-)
<civodul>(speaking of which, i'm still not done with pytorch, but i've never been this close)
<rekado>thanks :)
<rekado>I hope you can push pytorch over the finish line
<rekado>one of these days I’ll also have to see if I can get keras to work. We have a python-keras package, and I’ll need *something* for CRAN packages that want to talk to keras.
<civodul>oh! looks like something that could save us
<civodul>looks like folks at Google feel the need to have an escape hatch
<rekado>the bazel stuff for tensorflow is rather complex. I fear this converter may not be smart enough to deal with it.
<rekado>I think their need for cmake is due to the desire to support building on Windows.
<PurpleSym>Do we actually have a proper GPU runtime like ROCm for Guix somewhere? (I presume everyone is running NVIDIA/CUDA anyway…?)
<civodul>PurpleSym: we don't, but we were discussing it the other day, and it seems like it'd be welcome
<civodul>rekado: i suppose Bazel supports Windows, but my guess is that Bazel still lacks momentum outside Google and so they may prefer CMake for their "open source products"
<rekado># tensorflow-lite uses find_package for this package, so override the system
<rekado># installation and build from source instead.
<civodul>in the same vein, take a look at
<rekado>oh my…
<civodul>there are direct and indirect deps, and also forks of the same thing (like XNNPACK/QNNPACK)