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<drakonis>packagingcon seems like a fine opportunity to divert attention to guix
<efraim>I could give an updated version of my "what you're all doing wrong with rust" talk :p
<drakonis>that could be nice
<civodul>efraim: +1 on the Rust talk :-)
<dstolfa>how could would it be if upstream dropped cargo and started using guix!
<dstolfa>now that's something i could get behind in an instant
<drakonis> maybe work on this will ya :V
<drakonis>if there's a compelling reason to standardize things, maybe it'll work?
<civodul>heh, who knows!
<civodul>usually though it's a social issue that technicalities cannot solve
<civodul>it boils down to: who does group X want to work with?
<efraim>I can't stop reading that as a sex-pack
<drakonis>hahaha welp
<drakonis>the email chain continues in june
<drakonis>sexps tho :V?
<drakonis>is there any particular reason why there's no package searching on the main guix website atm?
<civodul>we wanted to have a JS-free option on the main web site
<civodul>there was a prototype to do that but it was not completed
<drakonis>i see