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<rekado_>maxwell_TGAP: sorry for being unclear. “IIRC” means “if I recall correctly”; it’s not the name of the environment variable, which I do not recall.
<zimoun>efraim: WDTY about the Mbedtls and Julia?
*rekado_ upgrades CRAN packages again
<efraim>zimoun: I'm building julia now. before with, it's now so.6
<efraim>I'm test building it now with this change:
<zimoun>efraim: what kind of machine do you have?
<zimoun>because it seems fast :-)
<efraim>ryzen 3900xt
<efraim>12 cores/24 threads, but during massive compilations I'll let my CPU load go over 100
<efraim>After years of 2 or 4 cores I decided it was time to get something really powerful
<zimoun>yeah, I have 64 cores (intel xeon) and running the Julia test suite is so looong
<efraim>There's ways to adjust it
<efraim>I tried building julia-1.5.3 on aarch64. 2 hours to build, but 30 hours into the test suite the kernel OOM killer killed it
<civodul>Julia 1.6.1, when? :-)
<civodul>zimoun, rekado_, whoever's into it: how 'bout we submit something for ?
<civodul>basically an intro to channels.scm + manifest.scm for the purposes of reproducible computations
<zimoun>efraim: oh, thanks!
<efraim>zimoun: (setenv "JULIA_CPU_THREADS" (number->string (max (parallel-job-count) 2)) (setenv "JULIA_TEST_MAXRSS_MB" "500") before the 'check phase
<efraim>i stopped compilation to try that out too
<efraim>of course now I'm wondering if I should've added it before the 'build phase
<zimoun>efraim: on my machine, building is acceptable. Checking is painful long. I am going to try your “trick”. :-)
<zimoun>civodul: I am not sure to get what the Issue is about.
<efraim>I have to go but I'm going to leave it building
<zimoun>efraim: thanks. Which arch?
<civodul>zimoun: "software citation", with a rather broad and vague, but i think it would make sense to talk about "executable citations", meaning you can actually deploy the software you refer to
<civodul>we'd have to see if this is considered off-topic
<civodul>i don't think it is, but who knows :-)