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<civodul>paper of the day:
<civodul>TL;DR: a service for reproducibility based on Docker
<PurpleSym>The main problem with their approach is that it’s an extra step before publication, not something you can use during development.
<civodul>good point, i hadn't thought about it in these terms
<PurpleSym>Yesterday I gave a very short (10 min) talk about reproducibility using Guix. One of the questions was: Can we run/convert existing research? And the answer was, unfortunately, “maybe”.
<dstolfa>civodul: have you hit any other issues with guix-jupyter, or does it make sense to close the bug now?
<dstolfa>i haven't hit any other issues so far
<civodul>PurpleSym: yes, i started prototyping around that last year, but unfortunately haven't gone further
<civodul>dstolfa: great that it works for you! in that case you can close it
<civodul>i should make a release one of these days
<PurpleSym>civodul: You mean like rekado’s guix.install?
<dstolfa>civodul: alright, will do! thanks again for taking a look at it on such short notice
<civodul>PurpleSym: i was referring to
<civodul>one problem is that we don't have a peer-reviewed paper on this topic
<civodul>so they didn't bother mentioning it, unlike the Maneage work
<civodul>(well, this one *is* peer-reviewed, but it's also not quite the right topic)
<PurpleSym>Oh, I see. I’m very curious whether that one will be fully reproducible in 10 years.
<maxwell_TGAP>rekardo_: exporting IIRC=~/Desktop/jup-data still produces the same error
<civodul>PurpleSym: yeah, we can never know for sure
<civodul>but we'll work to make it possible