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<PurpleSym>rekado_: Afaik jupyter server is the foundation and jupyterlab is an “app” for jupyter server. Just like Jupyter Notebook.
<zimoun>efraim: the commit 0ec7559875eacb85fec289377ff7b37723dd251e updating mbedtls-apache breaks the update of Julia 1.6.3 <>.
<zimoun>Julia 1.6.1, I mean :-)
<maxwell_TGAP>PurpleSYm: Thanks!
<maxwell_TGAP>does jupyter requier extra work?
<maxwell_TGAP>when I run it returns an error
<maxwell_TGAP>when i run : jupyter lab
<maxwell_TGAP>It prints : OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/home/maxwell/.guix-profile/etc/jupyter:'
<efraim>Oh no! And I was excited for that package bump, it fixed mbedtls-apache for aarch64
<zimoun>efraim: «/gnu/store/r08kmm9vhw4r60x9102yqg9x6nay64d8-mbedtls-apache-2.26.0/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory» Does that ring a bell?
<efraim>I'll have to check it when I get home in a few hours
<efraim>That was while building Julia 1.6.1?
<zimoun>efraim: yes, I am trying to review 48325
<PurpleSym>maxwell_TGAP: It spits out the error for me too, but the front-end works fine. Any issues?
<maxwell_TGAP>PurpleSym: jupyter lab crashes and it doesnt try and start a front end
<PurpleSym>maxwell_TGAP: What’s your guix version?
<maxwell_TGAP>Generation 2 Jul 07 2021 13:43:29 (current)
<maxwell_TGAP> nonguix 1f974b7
<maxwell_TGAP> repository URL:
<maxwell_TGAP> branch: master
<maxwell_TGAP> commit: 1f974b76f8c28dc78dd313e8113338f796157829
<maxwell_TGAP> guix 1cc4207
<maxwell_TGAP> repository URL:
<maxwell_TGAP> branch: master
<maxwell_TGAP> commit: 1cc4207fa9f19d4d3353159fc17787c59d0807e6
<maxwell_TGAP> guix-science 0bd456d
<maxwell_TGAP> repository URL:
<maxwell_TGAP> branch: master
<maxwell_TGAP> commit: 0bd456d2b0b25970e709ee408f1e1bc3f75b98ae
<rekado_>maxwell_TGAP: the location it tries to write to can be changed with an environment variable IIRC