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<civodul>rekado: so you have people using conda from Guix? :-)
<civodul>(just saw you updated the conda package)
<rekado>yes, it’s odd, isn’t it?
<rekado>I don’t know why people even bother, but I think it’s right at the intersection of convenience and habit.
<civodul>i can imagine
<civodul>it must bring new opportunities for breakage, no?
<civodul>like mixing software not only from CentOS and Guix, but also CONDA
<rekado>people who install conda from Guix usually are pretty set in their tracks to use conda environments exclusively.
<rekado>the colleague who motivated the upgrade only ever uses Guix with “guix environment -l guix.scm” for our PiGx projects.
<rekado>but mixing software is a very common source of problems
<civodul>yeah i keep warning folks at work
<rekado>my colleague set up rstudio from Docker (because he was blissfully ignorant of my work on rstudio…) and now people try to use their CentOS-built R packages inside of the Docker environment, and when that doesn’t work they try to install missing libraries with Guix ….
<rekado>a big hairy mess
<civodul>do you give training sessions to try and channel people?
<rekado>I used to, but package management doesn’t seem to be a topic people are enthusiastic about.
<dstolfa>civodul: i bisected a bit yesterday, seems like the issue might be with an update to jupyter-core
<dstolfa>rekado: do you know anything about the internals of jupyter btw?
<rekado>dstolfa: no, sorry.
<dstolfa>rekado: alright, thanks anyway :)
<civodul>dstolfa: ah ha! thanks for the update, i'm planning to take a look today
<civodul>i hope i won't have to dive into protocol details
<dstolfa>civodul: i hope so too. i sent the commit range across which i notice the problem, and it's just updates to python stuff
<dstolfa>it seems like something changed... hopefully nothing too serious
<maxwell_TGAP>does anyone know if jupyter-lab is avalible in any package, i cant seem to find it
<maxwell_TGAP>does anyone know if jupyter-lab is avalible in any package, i cant seem to find it
<PurpleSym>maxwell_TGAP: It’s available via
<rekado>how does jupyterlab differ from just the jupyter server?