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<civodul>hi there!
<civodul> <- Guix support in repo2docker
<civodul>(by the intern i work with)
<civodul>next they'll be looking at setting up performance monitoring for Guix operations
<civodul>at least that's what i had in mind
<civodul>so a completely different story
<civodul>hmm added a dependency from numpy on lapack, but it seems that openblas should have the necessary functions
<rekado_>I’m looking forward to the performance monitoring work
<rekado_>what does this failure mean:
<rekado_>did I break something?
<civodul>rekado_: no, gitlab-runner is no longer running; you should look at instead
<civodul>apparently all is good:
<civodul>i think i've disabled GitLab pipelines now