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<rekado_>Guix migration in progress…
<rekado_>that decision way back to have localstatedir in /gnu/var/guix is a mistake that still hurts
<rekado_>first test results: this high-availability thing isn’t very high availability at all.
<rekado_>shut down one of the servers and expected to see the other server picking up the NFS service, but nothing happened.
<rekado>migration was surprisingly painless.
<civodul>rekado: oh, it's working?
<rekado>yes, everything works fine
<rekado>still not sure about the fail over
<rekado>I was too tired to not screw this up yesterday night, so I’ll defer the “testing in production” session to the next maintenance window
<rekado>I still had a stray GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET on the cluster, which is why I couldn’t find expected files in the store… Once that was adjusted to point to the new server everything worked as intended.
<rekado>it’s much faster now, though I’m sure I can tweak things in the future
<civodul>rekado: that's good, congrats
<civodul>so it's "faster" but not "fast", right?
<rekado>considerably faster
<rekado>but that’s because it was just *really* slow before
<rekado>so slow in fact that every time *I* had to use it I would get very annoyed and immediately discuss our options to move off of the old NFS server
<rekado>eating your own dog food is essential