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<PurpleSym>rekado_: Heads up, I’m upgrading RStudio to 1.4.1717.
<rekado_>we’ve had a few users struggle using recent versions without root, because there’s even more arguments to pass to override default locations
<rekado_>we use something like this now: /bin/rserver --database-config-file=<(echo -e "provider=sqlite\ndirectory=$HOME/rstudio-server-db") --auth-none=1 --www-address=${HOSTNAME} --www-port=99993 --server-user=$(whoami) --server-data-dir=/tmp/$(whoami)-rserver-data-123
<rekado_>quite a mouthful
<rekado_>database-config-file is the most recent addition
<PurpleSym>Yeah, that’s a weird one for single-user installations. But I don’t see any major breaking changes like this in 1.4.1717.
<PurpleSym>(We use this script:
<rekado_>testing the new NFS server by downloading 0ad substitutes
<rekado_>it’s faster all right
<rekado_>not great, but faster even without any attempt to optimize NFS settings
<rekado_>around 9MB/s for the 0ad-data files
<rekado_>others are much faster
<rekado_>eg 20.4MiB/s for mozjs
<rekado_>I’ll see if I can play with network settings (frame size) and NFS options to improve this some more
<civodul>rekado_: neat
<civodul>this is the throughput while running "guix build ...", right?
<civodul>meaning it includes download, decompression, deduplication, etc.