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<civodul>what channels do we have that provide machine learning things?
<rekado>the “guix” channel has a (gnu packages machine-learning) module ;)
<rekado>I have no secret machine learning channel, unfortunately
<civodul>yeah i was wondering if there was a quick'n'dirty tensorflow package somewhere, for instance
<rekado>we have tensorflow 1 in Guix; I haven’t recently tried to package tensorflow 2.
<civodul>yes, i remember, but then: bazel
<PurpleSym>I remember efraim was working on a bazel package?
<efraim>I walked away from it, but I can send you what I had
<efraim>I don't remember the state they're in, but it wasn't "working"
<efraim>CUDA.jl hard depends on CUDA for functionality, but doesn't need it to install the package
<efraim>I think I can just hard drop it while upstreaming. It was only for the tests anyway
<efraim>zimoun: hi!
<civodul>efraim: ok, thanks
<civodul>just gave a 10mn (!) talk about Guix to AI developers at work
<civodul>10mn is quite challenging
<rekado>it sure is
<rekado>you’re all so busy presenting! Truly admirable.
<rekado>I’m preparing the migration from the slow NFS appliance to a new HA NFS setup (where guix-daemon has local access to the disks)
<rekado>the move is going to happen next Wednesday
<civodul>are there still open issues with setting up Guix?
<civodul>would be nice if you could test before it's in production
<rekado>I’m still moving files around
<rekado>this is all going to be a little difficult because I have no write access to the configuration management system for the cluster
<rekado>so all I can do is ask other people to make the changes I’m blindly planning
<rekado>not great
<rekado>but I hope I can test drive this on an isolated cluster node later this week
<civodul>good, sounds safer this way
<jra>Anyone know of any docs/guides on how to create relocatable mpi-app packs to run on non-Guix HPC systems? I've gotten as far as building an example mpi app, ring_c, making a relocatable tarball. I haven't been able to get it to run on an HPC system.
<civodul>jra: hi! could you share the specifics?
<civodul>i did try that in the past
<civodul>on one system i had troubles related to the name service switch (NSS)