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<rekado_>upgraded salmon
<rekado_>it was not fun
<civodul>rekado_: i'm not sure what salmon does, but you have all my sympathy!
<civodul>i've been setting up
<civodul>'guix deploy' and all were pretty fun
<civodul>... but the fancy jobsets i intended to build "don't work"
<rekado_>“guix deploy” is lovely
<rekado_>salmon and that whole fishy suite of software has improved compared to when I first packaged it, but there are still a lot of things that make the upgrade unusually complex.
<civodul>perhaps because it improves, in which case it's a good sign? :-)
<rekado_>generally it has matured a bit, but whenever there’s a burst of activity and new features are added the developers appear to fall back into bad habits
<rekado_>this habit of downloading code at configure time, for example
<rekado_>it’s not a good idea
<rekado_>also: CPU tuning (I only wanted SSE2, not something tuned to my CPU’s micro-architecture!)
<rekado_>or compiler feature tests that don’t actually work with GCC and crash the build…
<rekado_>all that CMakeLists.txt patching I had to perform in the past was one of the major deterrents to upgrading.
<rekado_>upgrading bioinfo software is often a very frustrating experience.
<rekado_>I’m always hoping for someone else to take care of it
<rekado_>sadly it doesn’t always work out like that :)
<civodul>CPU tuning and CMakeLists.txt
<civodul>two keywords of our dear HPC world