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<PurpleSym>rekado: I fixed r-with-tests, which ran into the texlive-amsfonts problem on CI.
<rekado>why …
<rekado>I ran this locally, twice.
<rekado>why didn’t it fail for me?
<rekado>ah, that’s a … readdir sorting issue IIRC
<rekado>thanks for fixing it
<PurpleSym>Yep, we ran into it previously.
<rekado>right, I remember now.
<rekado>I should graft texlive-amsfonts as we discussed.
<PurpleSym>I tried grafting, but it did not fix the build issue. Are grafts used during the build process or only afterwards?
<PurpleSym>Well, then grafting does nothing here, because in both cases texlive-amsfonts is used during build, right?
<efraim>Perhaps rekado meant building with the fixed one
<PurpleSym>No, we actually discussed grafting previously, hoping to fix all builds that use this package.
<civodul>rekado: congrats to you + team on !
<civodul>(just saw a message from your boss on bluebird)
<civodul>for those who speak French and those who want to practice :-), videos + PDFs of our "reproducible software environments" workshop are available:é-environnements/
<rekado>ah, neat. I didn’t realize my boss would announce it today.
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