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*rekado updates R to 4.1.0
*rekado updates CRAN packages
<PurpleSym>Is anyone updating Python packages regularly too?
<rekado>I don’t.
<rekado>I only update them when things break badly enough.
<rekado>and only because I *have* to.
<rekado>I find updating Python packages messy, in part because the importers aren’t as convenient as the CRAN/Bioconductor importers
<efraim>I found Julia was really nice to work with, easier than rust but compiles very slowly
*rekado updates Bioconductor packages
<PurpleSym>I feel it’s very easy (and often invisible) to break things when updating Python software, so I don’t like to touch packages I don’t know either.
<rekado>my bioconductor upgrade list:
<rekado>PurpleSym: yeah, I feel the same. The sanity check on core-updates will improve the situation somewhat.