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<civodul>i noticed a weird thing on a cluster at work
<civodul>substitute download throughput is very bad when calling "guix build" & co. from one of the nodes (which talks to guix-daemon on the head node over HTTP)
<civodul>running 'guix substitute' by hand on the head node gives good throughput
<civodul>does that ring a bell?
<rekado>no, I just never had good substitute performance on the head node :-/
<rekado>so any difference in performance has been impossible to notice
<civodul>heh, neat
<civodul>PurpleSym maybe?
<civodul>hey zimoun!
<zimoun>civodul: wow! I felt in a temporal crack. :-)
<civodul>looks like it ;-)
<civodul>hope you're doing okay anyhow!
<civodul>zimoun: do you have a cluster-like setup, where clients talk to the daemon with GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET=guix://somehost?
<zimoun>not yet! One of reasons. “My” cluster is suffering. It is years now that I am saying to people: I need weeks to refresh all and they answer, no you cannot turn it off now, please later. When disaster happens, they are “shocked” and ask why. Whatever!
<zimoun>and in the same time, I am conservative because I am doing sysadmin stuff. ;-)
<zimoun>I am just out of a meeting about “bioinfo”. On one hand, it is motivating because all needs to be done about the reproducibility. On the other hand, so much demotivating to be “alone”… Their message is: it works, look Conda and Docker!
<zimoun>civodul: I have watched the videos… not all but LGTM. Do we ask a green light by presenters?
<zimoun>efraim: I have seen your message about Julia. Well, maybe it is a good idea to have gnu/packages/julia-jll.scm. If you do so, please keep alphabetical sort.
<civodul>zimoun: heheh :-)
<civodul>zimoun: re videos, sure, we'll ask for the green light
<civodul>maybe let's see what we can do for the two missing talks first?
<zimoun>civodul: on my side, nothing. The recording is: input from my misc and output from headphone. Well, it is a big failure. :-(
<civodul>zimoun: input from the speaker's mic but without video, right?
<zimoun>civodul: I have video but full window capturing, so chat, new tabs, etc. There are ~600M, let me see if I can reduce the size or I will drop to renater if you want to watch. Do you?
<civodul>zimoun: yes, please
<civodul>we might be able to salvage it
<efraim>julia-jll works for me. I'll create it when I push the next batch
<civodul>at worst, we could even "synthesize" the video from the slides + audio
<zimoun>efraim: and let me know if after the next batch and creating of gnu/packages/julia-jll.scm you did the transfer of the current jll Julia packages in gnu/packages/julia-xyz.scm
<efraim>Will do :)
<zimoun>rekado: have you seen that I submitted ~50 move?
<zimoun>civodul: hum, I have been lazy and I am uploading all. Not sure it is faster than searching how to downsize. :-)
<rekado>zimoun: I have. Will work on this soon. Today or tomorrow.
<rekado>had to do a lot of hand-holding for git-newcomers in a collaboration.
<zimoun>civodul: I do not why but fliesender of Renater is not working. Arf!
***efraim is now known as efraim-desktop
***efraim-desktop is now known as efraim
<civodul>zimoun: did you find another solution? maybe onionshare?
<zimoun`>civodul: trying to downsize the videos. My laptop is burning. ;-)
<zimoun`>civodul: reduce the size by half by still unable to upload… weird! I will try tomrrow from Univ. network. And OnionShare seems “complicated”. ;-)
<PurpleSym>civodul: Sorry, can’t help with `guix build` throughput. Our profiles are usually pre-generated, with all inputs/derivations in place already.
<rekado>civodul: good idea to send a patch to rb-general
<rekado>I’ve been watching the discussions there from a distance, unsure if we still fit in.
<rekado>gah, I keep quitting icecat because I hit Ctrl-q in a text input box
<rekado>(I meant to hit Ctrl-j for a line break, but Ctrl-q is how I would escape characters in Emacs)
<civodul>rekado: yeah, it's a way to show will still care about the topic and to direct people interested specifically in reproducible builds
<civodul>of course a NixOS page showed up seconds later :-)