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<zimoun>nckx, good luck for the switch :-)
<zimoun> is working ;-)
<nckx>zimoun: \o/
<nckx>Thanks. It was trivial once I gave up on hacking multi-network support into Goggles (the way it deals with that is ‘bind mount the freenode directory to /var/www’, i.e., not at all).
<nckx>I just migrated over the old logs and switched the whole shebang to Libera.
<zimoun>I see. There is a 2021-05-19.old and an empty 2021-05-19. At the end of the process, maybe this 2021-05-19.old could move to 2021-05-19.
<zimoun>And for the record, it is not clear if #swh-devel will move or not.
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*rekado updates CRAN packages
<zimoun>rekado: are you using ERC on two networks with the same channel name?
<zimoun>and just to be sure, the logs are for Do we officially switch?
<rekado>zimoun: I did that before, but now I just disconnected from freenode
<rekado>ERC doesn’t work too well with same-named channels on different networks (at least not through ZNC)
<rekado>since #guix has moved I think #guix-hpc should move, too.
<zimoun>rekado: ok, just to notice that #guix-hpc on freenode is not logged anymore.
<zimoun>so about the CRAN update, let me know here :-)
<rekado>I guess nckx moved bayfront-log to (thanks!)
<rekado>I’m still building all these CRAN packages on my laptop…
<nckx>rekado: Yep, all channels at once (including ones that haven't officially migrated). I don't have time to rewrite Goggles to support it. The configuration being a bind mount 😉
<nckx>Eh, s/it/multiple networks at the same time/.
<rekado>sounds good
<rekado>zimoun: The CRAN updates are done.
<rekado>I’m doing Bioconductor upgrades now; shouldn’t be too many packages as we’re between releases.
<zimoun_kiwi>rekado: ok. Do you plan to update Bioconductor this afternoon ?
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<rekado>zimoun_kiwi: yes, it’s just two packages
<rekado>R 4.1.0 is out
<zimoun_kiwi>cool! So I am finishing the move now. :-)
<efraim>got the tests for julia-imagemagick to pass