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<PurpleSym>zimoun: The incoming traffic to guix-science from are probably you guys? :)
<zimoun>PurpleSym: hey! yeah probably. Cool! How do you see the traffic ?
<PurpleSym>zimoun: GitHub provides them: (
<PurpleSym>(Not sure if you can see them as an org member.)
<zimoun>oh cool, I did know this feature
<civodul>heh fun :-)
<civodul>this reproducibility workshop we're having is pretty exciting!
<civodul>there were ~80 people yesterday, 65 now
<zimoun>efraim: I have seen you pushed Julia packages, cool! Do you use Julia ?
<efraim>zimoun: not much, I'm guixifying this project
<efraim>I figured starting with the Julia dependencies first would be easiest, then I'd wrap the whole thing in a container
<efraim>I have about another 70 packages so far
<zimoun>efraim: ah cool! You have already packages this 70 packages or WIP?
<efraim>some are WIP, probably more than half just need some clean-up work before upstreaming
<efraim>here's what I had at the beginning of the day
<efraim>of course that time it didn't paste :/
<zimoun>oh neat, you have julia-documenter. I have been too lazy to package it. :-)
<zimoun>do you it by “hand“? Or do you have kind-of “importer”?
<zimoun>because I am trying to have a Julia importer and piouf! boring… :-)
<efraim>all by hand. I search for julia-<packagename> or PackageName.jl and normally get lucky
<efraim>oh yeah, documenter had some cyclical dependencies, I must've figured something out but i'll need to trace through it again to delete the unneeded ones
<zimoun>yeah me too, but the dependencies sometimes lead you really far from the initial package. ;-)
<efraim>sortingalgorithms and statsbase sorted itself when I packaged sortingalgorithms@1
<zimoun>yeah, and I do not know how Pkg manage that.
<efraim>I'm sure they skip the tests, that's how I made it work in the end
<efraim>or precompiled packages to break it at some point
<efraim>do you find the julia tests run slowly?
<efraim>they all seem to be single threaded
<zimoun>yeah, the test suites are really slow. Always using only one core, at least each time I am checking
<zimoun>efraim: about test, precompilation and friend, this bug#48238 <> is really annoying
<civodul>zimoun: hey!
<civodul>i pushed edits to the 1.3.0 announcement for
<civodul>should we go ahead and push right now?
<zimoun>civodul: LGTM! :-)
<zimoun>I note you do not like my «It extends and simplify the use of [`guix -repl`]» ;-)
<civodul>zimoun: yes, i wasn't sure what it meant or what the message was
<civodul>let's push it tomorrow at a better time :-)
<zimoun>ok :-)
<zimoun>civodul: let synchronize the push with a message on guix-science. :-)