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<zimoun>civodul: hey! Do we start a private channel to discuss about the French Guux day ?
<zimoun>Well, we had ~76 users over all the morning (almost) at the (french) workshop. With what appears to me fruitful discussions, althought I do not know how it had been perceived.
<zimoun>rekado: from Bioconductor schedule <>, the release seems for this week. I can help for the upgrade. First, I would like to move all the remaining… I do not know if I will have the time… another question. :-) How would you like to proceed for the upgrade?
<zimoun>civodul: pushed draft hpc blog for v1.3
<zimoun>and missing slides for today’s workshop
<civodul>zimoun: yay, thanks!
<zimoun>argh, I feel like at school: fill 500 words… I did not remember it was so many lines. :-)
<rekado>zimoun: I have no plan for the bioconductor upgrade.
<rekado>I can wait until after moving all the other package definitions.
<zimoun>rekado: thanks, I will try to do it tomorrow. Enough Guix for today. :-)
<zimoun>have a nice evening
<rekado>you too!
<rekado>I’m taking a little Guix break to catch up on wood working
<rekado>so there’s no rush
<civodul>oh, wood working!
<civodul>sounds nice
<rekado>planning to build a work bench so that I can build a better work bench one day.
<rekado>wood prices have skyrocketed, though. Bad time to be productive.
<rekado>(I’m using libstudio to design the thing)
<civodul>oh, even more fun
<civodul>"building a work bench to build a better work bench" reminds me of Lisp hackers writing a Lisp implementation
<zimoun>yeah, here too, the price have skyrocketed. This week-end, I was in mood to build a new book shelf… bah the books are still stacked on the floor. :-) Ah I “designed“ (really simple) with paper and pen… boomer I am? ;-)
<rekado>I also use pen and paper, but I’m changing things all the time and adjust based on price and availability; since a lot of this stuff is parametric I like to have the computer take care of drawing it for me.
<rekado>civodul: it’s very much like that. Bench building becomes an end in itself.
<rekado>there are heavy tomes on building work benches, and they sell well, even though you’d think that one bench would suffice…
<rekado>I sometimes feel that this is exactly how I use computers. Ouroborus.
<zimoun>I see, my ex-partner did this parametric stuff with “autocad“ to build what was “our” modular book-shelf and desk. It was so easy to tune then :-)
<rekado>I really liked working with autocad half a life time ago. I’m missing the ability to define constraints with libfive.
<rekado>would be nice to just tell it to join two surfaces, align certain edges, etc.
<rekado>instead I’m using (move this #[x y z]); this works but it’s so … imperative.