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<zimoun>rekado_: at a French day about reproducibility organized by French informatics society, someone presented <> about workflow where we recognize an usual suspect. ;-) The paper is “old” (2017) but illustrate the various tools.
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<zimoun>Someone pointed <>. I could miss something, after watching <>, to me, it looks likethe Standard syndrome <> using another set of tools.
<civodul>yes, this EESSI looks like a "political" thing
<civodul>too bad they choose tools that don't help at all with reproducibility
<civodul>someone should submit to
<civodul>(even if it's infiltrated by Tweag ;-))
<zimoun>In case someone did not find the dates/location, it is written top left: 17-22 Oct. 2021, Chicago. (I looked for more than twice before finding them :-))
<civodul>(as if people were going to leave their continent in October)