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<zimoun>I do not know if something is wrong, but «guix time-machine --commit=d57660c5 -- help» is still running… and I do not remember when I started it. Well, htop tells me guix-command substitute --query is doing stuff…
<rekado_>I’ll run it now to see for myself.
<zimoun>rekado_: thanks
<civodul>i imagine one of you will reply next week saying: "i'm not sure why i was doing it, but it's still running"
<rekado_>it just built libssh-0.9.0
<rekado_>why is it that “guix time-machine” prints “@ build-log” instead of hiding this?
<civodul>these things happen in a subprocess and until recently the output was not channeled back to the (guix status) machinery
<zimoun>civodul: probably. :-) I was trying to illustrate that version is not enough to capture the relevant information to then “reproduce“; I wanted hello@2.10 because it is simple. Finally, I used python@3.8.2. :-)
<civodul>heheh :-)
<rekado_>zimoun: it’s now doing something it doesn’t tell me about. There’s a spinner, and it’s been spinning for about 20 minutes already.
<zimoun>rekado_: yeah, here spinning about hours.
<rekado_>zimoun: pstree tells me that it’s /gnu/store/v328nr022n1jm27hzw3r7nw7csm0kd1p-compute-guix-derivation that is the reason for all that spinning
<civodul>rekado_, zimoun: does "sudo guix processes" suggest it's building something?
<zimoun> /gnu/store/bb27inmp90vyx59q1453zl1rs9h73kjd-guile-wrapper/bin/guile --no-auto-compile /home/sitour/.config/guix/current/bin/guix time-machine --commit=d57660c5 -- help
<zimoun>/gnu/store/bb27inmp90vyx59q1453zl1rs9h73kjd-guile-wrapper/bin/guile --no-auto-compile /gnu/store/lfvr5gxlnf40iy24sgxs2qm1nfg8w47h-guix-command substitute --query
<zimoun>as I reported earlier.
<zimoun>civodul: what I just wrote. And 2 unrelated environment sessions.
<civodul>ah, and no "LockHeld" field?
<civodul>(from "sudo guix processes")
<rekado_>zimoun: it seems to have moved on; it’s fetching substitutes for something
<rekado_>and … another spinner.
<rekado_>doesn’t seem to be building anything according to the processes.
<rekado_>I’m aborting this now. I’m running out of space.
<rekado_>it ran for 175m10.792s
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<zimoun>rekado_: mine is still running. Since it is the (almost) week-end, I let it to see where it goes.
<zimoun>the issue seems about access to substitues
<PurpleSym>rekado: I looked at grafting texlive-amsfonts, but it’s not grafting anything for me. Maybe replacement does not work with inherited packages?
<civodul>rekado: uh, pretty bad that it didn't complete :-/
<zimoun>civodul: I have started the time-machine yesterday I guess. Still running… somehow spinning… waiting for substitutes.
<civodul>then there could also be a bug
<civodul>maybe you can interrupt it and retry...
<civodul>i'm running it on berlin, let's see
<civodul>it does show that there's a need to keep binaries for a long time
<zimoun>what appears to me unexpected is, if the binaries are not overthere anymore, it should simply build them. Here the issue seems that the binaries are there but it takes ages to get them.
<zimoun>maybe it is related to the change between the Big store (old CI) and the cache (new CI).
<zimoun>*is it related?
<zimoun>civodul: on my machine, I have re-started with --no-substitutes and --fallback
<rekado>for archival it would be nice to have a deduplicated store from which substitutes could be generated — but without using the main store
<civodul>yes, good idea
<civodul>we should really get some funding and humanpower to work on these aspects
<civodul>i applied for to a call at work that could potentially give 2 person-years, but the odds of getting it aren't very high
<zimoun>with --no-substitutes, after 18min, I get guix time-machine: error: You found a bug: the program '/gnu/store/…-compute-guix-derivation'.
<civodul>there's something fishy: "guix build /gnu/store/1k8lgjs4al3gp3hri73wrbslbqa16hac-guile-ssh-0.11.3.drv" seems to hang everywhere (with substitutes enabled)
*civodul files bug
<civodul>nice bug that we have here
<civodul>zimoun, rekado: "guix time-machine --commit=d57660c5 -- describe" succeeded on berlin
<civodul>so in the end the problem was "just"
<civodul>if you work around it by building guile-ssh without substitutes, it goes on flawlessly
<civodul>(but now ci.guix has those substitutes)
<zimoun>civodul: cool! Using substitutes, it seems too work better.