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<rekado_>PurpleSym: I opened a pull request for rstudio-server-multi-version.
<rekado_>I verified that it works with both /etc/rstudio/r-versions and ~/.local/share/rstudio/r-versions
<rekado_>these files look like this:
<rekado_>I installed R 3.6.0 with this command to test it: guix time-machine --commit=152cbc3ca588be8a0db8bd1c9a9746068542e449 -- package -p /tmp/r-test/.guix-profile -i r-minimal r-zoo
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<efraim>i'm packaging the UCSC Genome Browser. Certainly interesting testing it since I just yell at the computer to do what it thinks best, I have no idea what any of the data means and I don't know how I want it presented
<efraim>"I don't know what this does but lets do it"
<rekado>is it free software? I thought it’s not.
<rekado>the kentutils are part of it (or the other way around) and only some of them are free.
<efraim>Right, I'm going to have to patch some of it out
<PurpleSym>rekado: Thanks for the patch, looks good so far, but `guix time-machine` is taking its time ;) I’ll have another look tomorrow.
<rekado>efraim: do you also happen to work on packaging IGV?
<efraim>Sorry I wandered off for a few hours. What is IGV?
<rekado>“Integrative Genomics Viewer”; it’s another genome browser, but it’s an application, not a server.
<rekado>lots of Java