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<rekado>PurpleSym: what do you think about a patch to rstudio that would optionally source the user’s ~/.bash_profile?
<rekado>I think we need something like that because otherwise rstudio from Guix is kinda hard to use.
<rekado>your patch at inherits the rserver environment, which is not quite what we need for a shared installation.
<PurpleSym>rekado: True, my patch assumes the user starts rserver himself. Hm, maybe just start rsession in a login shell?
<rekado>yes, maybe
<PurpleSym>Just for reference: This only affects RStudio server, not the desktop version, right?
<rekado>I haven’t checked.
<rekado>I have no use for the desktop version, because the powerful machines are our cluster and the group servers; since using the desktop version would require X forwarding it never gets used here.
<rekado>the desktop version is more liberal in most features that rserver restricts.
<rekado>PurpleSym: I only just noticed that guix-science already has a kraken2 package.
<rekado>it differs slightly from mine in Guix proper.
<PurpleSym>You’re right, rekado. Roel added it, so I can’t say much about it. Can we just remove it in favor of Guix’ kraken2?
<rekado>I’d say yes. The one in Guix replaces a few more references, and it doesn’t require the cmake patch.
<PurpleSym>Hm, okay. I’ll ping him nontheless.
<rekado>I’m a bit surprised to see it in that channel, because in my opinion it’s perfectly fine to add it to Guix proper.
<rekado>I could check guix-science before I add packages, but that’s not very convenient.
<PurpleSym>It would save you some time, if it’s already there :) But you’re right, I should just upstream everything from guix-science that is upstreamable.
<rekado>I’m currently working on rebasing my patches for enabling multiple R versions in RStudio server.
<rekado>is this something that you think could go to guix-science? Or is it too custom/
<PurpleSym>rekado: I think it could be useful for other users. Is there a switch to turn it on/off globally? How easily can it be adapted to new versions of RStudio?
<rekado>adapting it to new versions seems to be fairly simple; there are some function signature changes that I need to address, but nothing fundamental.
<rekado>there is no switch, but the behavior is optional; it depends on whether a user has ~/.rstudio/r-versions, or whether the global equivalent exists.
<rekado>it’s pretty much just the Pro feature, but re-implemented.
<PurpleSym>Should be fine then. Didn’t they move ~/.rstudio to ~/.config with v1.4 though?
<rekado>oh, that would be something I should adjust :)
<rekado>looks like there’s nothing to adjust; I’m using options.userScratchPath(), so if that’s now an XDG-compliant directory there’s nothing I need to change.