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<zimoun>rekado: I am currently having a discussion with a colleague about GWL. And they know Pigx \o/. My question is: do you have release or pushed somewhere your work about converting Pigx (or part of it) to GWL?
<rekado>no, it’s not released anywhere, but I can paste it somewhere
<rekado>this should be the latest version
<rekado>GWL has two obvious problems right now: something iffy with the cache, and slow to start because none of the preparatory work is cached.
<zimoun>cool! Thanks!
<rekado>I’m too busy with bringing pigx to AWS and preparing a new pigx pipeline, but when things calm down a bit I’d love to remove those obvious problems, add a DRMAA execution engine, and release 0.4.0
<zimoun>it is already enough to point and explain. My idea is not to remove their use of Snakemake–they have invested too much–but point what is wrong with their use of Snakemake+Conda; and mentioning what would be better or where we should go instead.
<rekado>got it
<rekado>thanks for doing that outreach work!
<zimoun>btw, I am giving a look at the tarball, wow! Impressive work
<zimoun>argh, sometimes I am asking myself if my day job is really about computing. Today, I have spent time on plumbing stuff. Checking why the cold water network is not cold, manipulating sluice gate, cleaning various filter… With a moustache, like Mario ;-)
<rekado>oh, *actual* plumbing work?
<rekado>my work often involves the administrative equivalent of plumbing and removing hairballs from pipes and drains.
<rekado>sometimes even the computing equivalent of plumbing.
<zimoun>yeah, I asked to maintenance people to check it, but after several days with nothing done, I did it. Now there is no more noise by the fans compensating a weak cold water. Ahah! Missing Luigi ;-)
<zimoun>I hope that this Rust-for-kernel attempt <> will improve the Rust situation, as GCC frontend (so bootstrap).
<zimoun>Note that Nix is on <>
<civodul>this is... (1) terrible? (2) terrific?
<zimoun>it’s terriblic ;-)
<rekado>could have been worse.
<rekado>it could have been Go.
<civodul>rekado: :-)
<rekado>“We've temporarily limited some of your account features” – guess the platform
<rekado>“For full access, please: Pass a Google reCAPTCHA challenge”
<rekado>ding ding ding!