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<rekado_>PurpleSym: “about rms” is perhaps a bit reductive, but I guess you can’t say anything about GNU without mentioning rms (although it does seem like we pulled it off on the pages at
<rekado_>I’d say it’s about anything but rms for once. It’s about where we want to take GNU if we want it to continue existing and having (or regaining) relevance.
<PurpleSym>rekado: Sure “about rms” was (intentionally) oversimplified. Still, choosing to assign GNU a new meaning without saying anything about your relationship to the original GNU project or FSF will inevitably raise alot of questions for people outside of your circle (like me).
<rekado>yeah, that’s inevitable indeed.
<rekado>I think there will have to be a follow-up blog post once the dust has settled.
<rekado>it was a conscious choice to not define ourselves in terms of what we are *not*
<rekado>I don’t regret that. But as will all drawbacks this one too may need to be addressed eventually :)