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<civodul>zimoun: hey!
<zimoun>civodul: do you plan to attend to the french seminar about reproducibility this afternoon?
<civodul>zimoun: i must have missed it, which one?
<zimoun>MaiMoSiNE organized by GriCAD. The name is a typing exercise. ;-)
<zimoun>rekado_: it is weird, my first “hi!” does not appear on <>. Yesterday, I noticed something similar. Is it something misconfigured on my side?
<civodul>bayfront-log_ joined a few minutes after you, zimoun
<civodul>looks like there have been troubles on freenode, we've seen lots of disconnections this morning
<civodul>(and this time it wasn't Matrix :-))
<civodul>i spoke too fast: it wasn't *just* Matrix
<zimoun>:-) Ok, thanks
<civodul>anyway i won't be at the reproducibility thing; will you?
<zimoun>well, I will try
<civodul>we already got ~15 registrations for the workshop, which is pretty good i think
<zimoun>I think too
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<rekado>zimoun: FWIW I also don’t see your first “hi!” in my own logs
<zimoun>rekado: thanks.
<zimoun>rekado: do you use in your Institue some Electronic Lab Notebook? As ?
<rekado>oh… well… maybe
<rekado>I’m not sure. There was a workshop on lab books, but I didn’t attend.
<civodul>bayfront is quite slow but i don't get why
<rekado>I dug around: they seem to be using something embedded in Microsoft Office:
<zimoun>civodul: \o/
<rekado>I’m really surprised about this, because I don’t think this is a great solution.
<rekado>yet there were several “trainings” and workshops about this
<rekado>I wonder if something can be learned from the assertiveness of those who are unreasonably confident in their proprietary applications.
<zimoun>maybe that marketing works? ;-)
<rekado>I don’t know.
<rekado>Maybe it’s just that “Microsoft” is a well-known name and so whatever latches on to it is blessed by association.
<ndeck>Hi everyone !
<zimoun>hi ndeck
<ndeck>I am kinda new to guix. I just started using jupyter notebook and I had a question concerning the "download" thing to add files to the environment.
<ndeck>I was able to add data with this option but since I keep all data in a private repo, I won't be able to add them in the environment... So the question is: is there a way to add files from a local directory? Or should I upload them somewere (in fact, I would like not to upload because there a sensible data, etc....).
<ndeck>Thank you very much =D
*rekado knows very little about jupyter notebook
<zimoun>ndeck: me neither. What do you mean by “download thing”? Do you mean «;;guix download <url>»? Or something else?
<ndeck>Yes that's it, ;;download <url> <sha256> . It is a great tool but i would like to use files that are located on a local git repo
<rekado>ah, the Guix kernel for jupyter
<zimoun>is ’file:///home/foo/bar/’ not working?
<ndeck>Sorry I was not clear =/
<ndeck>Yes it is for guix kernel for jupyter =)
<ndeck>I just tried file:// but the kernel dies when I use this path. I may miss something
<zimoun>I do not know. On my side, the kernel dies with https:// too. Maybe if civodul is still roaming :-)
<civodul>how does it die?
<civodul>any message on the console?
<ndeck>When I use a valid URL and corresponding sha256, it works. But with a local path to a file it dies without message in console
<zimoun>shakepearian way. ;-)
<ndeck>A note is written "dead kernel"
<zimoun>Or with «Invalid guix magic.». Or with read «Dead kernel»
<civodul>so "invalid guix magic" is not a crash, it just means that the syntax for the magic command is invalid
<civodul>"dead kernel" is worrisome though
<civodul>ndeck: could you paste on the console output (say the last 10 lines)?
<zimoun>copy/paste from doc I guess «;;guix download e831b3a86091496cdba720411f9748de81507798f6130adeaef872d206e1b057»
<ndeck>No invalid guix magic. I run the code line ;;guix download file:// etc. and nothing happen it is written en the top right corner "dead kernel"
<zimoun>well, I restart everything. The error should be between the keyboard and the chair ;-)
<ndeck>zimoun, it works perfectly with online files
<ndeck>The problem is when I use local path to load files
<zimoun>ndeck: yeah, you have surely right. I remember now why I do not know much about Jupyter. ;-)
<ndeck>civodul: I just pasted the console before loading the local files. Was it helpfull ?
<ndeck>I use guix-kernel repo a887e44 if it helps
<civodul>ndeck: could you send the link of the paste?
<ndeck> and
<civodul>ndeck: sorry, by console, i meant the output on the terminal where you spawned "jupyter notebook"
<civodul>could you paste that too?
<ndeck>Ouch :
<civodul>good, thanks :-)
<civodul>ndeck: can you try typing /home/ndeck/file.tar (or similar) instead of using "~"?
<civodul>unlike the shell, Guix-Jupyter does not expand ~ (tilde)
<civodul>then again, Guix-Jupyter shouldn't crash on a file-not-found error
<ndeck>i try
<ndeck>ok so... It is not the same error i guess :
<ndeck>I have to leave. I will follow your answer and thank you very much for your time =)
<civodul>i filed the issues ndeck reported as
<ndeck>civodul: many thanks ! Tough i'm a newbie, let know if i can help