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<PurpleSym>zimoun: Could be the first package of guix-science-nonfree :)
<zimoun>PurpleSym: ah I thought guix-science accepted both, free and non-free. Thanks for the clarification.
<civodul>ah, zimoun!
<zimoun>hey civodul
<civodul>aaaah :-)
<civodul>welcome back!
<civodul>so, we need to synchronize regarding the French-speaking workshop
<zimoun>yeah time commutation :-)
<civodul>good that you can still commute :-)
<civodul>oh, unrelated: did you see my message regarding the Outreachy blog post?
<zimoun>yes, I think I replied
<civodul>ah good
<zimoun>maybe wait the green light from Magali
<zimoun>then publish \o/
<zimoun>civodul: I have received the green light from Magali. Publish it whenever you want. :-)
<civodul>hear hear!é-environnements/
<civodul>zimoun: alright!
<zimoun>awesome, seems a good reason to learn French. ;-)
<civodul>c'est sûr !
<bavier[m]>I have some French accounts on my Fediverse follows. Really slows down the scrolling while I try to make out some of the content :)
<zimoun>civodul: thanks for the Outreachy blog post
<civodul>zimoun: thank *you*
<civodul>i just hit "push"
<civodul>nice we're getting more contributions from :-)