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<bavier[m]>yes, parmetis is
<bavier[m]>metis was re- or dual-licensed several years ago.
<bavier[m]>if that's changed, I certainly know some people who would like to hear!
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<zimoun>ah, interesting, I wrote: «civodul: about ParMetis, AKAIK, non-free (GNU speaking). As lfam and bavier[m] said. Maybe they will change as for Metis.» but it does not appears on the log. Anyway. :-)
<civodul>zimoun: oh ok
<civodul>too bad :-/
<civodul>is anyone here +/- in touch with the authors?
<bavier[m]>I've contacted the parmetis people in the past on bugs. But their online forum is very quite, and they often don't reply to patches.
<bavier[m]>Or maybe they just don't talk to me since they know where I work 🙂
<civodul>you have a "different" affiliation now tho :-)
<bavier[m]>Yup, so maybe I try talking to them again. Could be a long process, depending on the size of their licensing revenue.
<civodul>is that even a thing?
<civodul>anyway, let us know how it goes
<civodul>it might be better to discuss it privately
<bavier[m]>Yes, for permission to distribute in a commercial setting.
<zimoun>civodul, bavier[m]: for now, ParMetis could go to external channels as guix-science or guix-hpc or guix-hpc-non-free. WDYT?