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<civodul>link of the day:
<civodul>i fixed a performance regression in openmpi on Omni-Path:
<rekado>civodul: excellent! This will make some of our users happy.
<civodul>the problem was here for about a week, but that was enough to get colleagues of mine to complain
<civodul>which is good, in a way
<bavier[m]>nice fix.
<bavier[m]>CODECHECK looks like a cool project.
<rekado>CODECHECK has a nice FAQ entry
<rekado>“A codechecker codechecks an article and creates the CODECHECK bundle.” “The CODECHECK report is created by the codechecker during the codechecking process.”
<rekado>a colleague of mine quipped “how much code could a codechecker check if a codechecker could check code?”
<civodul>the nice thing is that you can use this description for pretty much any project!
<civodul>"A frobber frobs an article and creates the frob bundle"
<civodul>maybe it's a tongue twister?
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