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<wehlutyk>Good morning!
<wehlutyk>Is anybody in an Asian timezone here?
<wehlutyk>I'm looking to discuss Ludo's answer , so wondering if anyone here is outside European timezones (I am in Japan)
<wehlutyk>Otherwise I'll come back to ask later 🙂
<zimoun>wehlutyk: I am France timezone. :-)
<efraim>I'm looking at qt-4 on guix-past, is it supposed to have qt5 in the search-paths?
<civodul>efraim: ah no i guess
<civodul>does it have that?
<civodul>i essentially pasted it from Guix
<efraim>makes one wonder just how many people used qt-4 things before it was removed
<civodul>looks like we have a clue suggesting it was close to zero :-)
<efraim>welcome back
<civodul>hi wehlutyk!
<wehlutyk>civodul: I'm trying out your advice from
<wehlutyk>thanks for all this!
<civodul>good, let's hope it actually works
<zimoun>wehlutyk: hey! Nice.
<zimoun>maybe it could be worth to edit a bit and transform it as a cookbook recipe
<wehlutyk>zimoun: yes! Once it works I'll be happy to
<wehlutyk>I have a couple more questions, some a bit trivial
<wehlutyk>the `guix archive --authorize` error is indeed because it wants to write to /etc/guix
<wehlutyk>but /etc is symlinked into the profile, so I can't create /etc/guix (after `export GUIX_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY=$HOME/.local/etc/guix`). Is there an argument to `guix pack` so that it symlinks everything in /etc except /etc/guix ?
<wehlutyk>in the meantime it's not a real problem, I can just use `.local/etc-guix` instead
<zimoun>wehlutyk: I have not followed everything, so I am probably out of of scope. Is the option -S/--symlink not doing what you want?
<wehlutyk>indeed, let me summarize 🙂
<wehlutyk>from my Guix System, I run `scp (guix pack -R -S /bin=bin -S /etc=etc guix bash) deigo:` (deigo is my ssh config for the cluster)
<wehlutyk> * from my Guix System, I run `scp (guix pack -R -S /bin=bin -S /etc=etc guix bash) deigo:guix-pack.tar.gz` (deigo is my ssh config for the cluster)
*wehlutyk < >
<wehlutyk>(note that for the moment the last `guix install hello` still fails for other reasons)
<wehlutyk>I would like to have `export GUIX_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY=$(pwd)/etc/guix` with etc/guix instead of etc-guix, but `$(pwd)/etc` is in the profile, so neither me nor `guix archive` can create `/etc/guix`
<wehlutyk>i.e. /etc is a symlink to the profile, while I would like /etc to be a regular folder full of symlinks (except for /etc/guix)
<wehlutyk>something like `guix pack -R -S /bin=bin -S /etc/*=etc/* --exclude-symlink /etc/guix ...`
<zimoun>wehlutyk: trying… :-)
<wehlutyk>thanks :)
<wehlutyk>civodul: what does `--no-offload` do when no offloading is configured? the `getpw: entry not found` error seems indeed to be because they use `sss` in `/etc/nsswitch.conf`
<civodul>wehlutyk: yeah, those NSS plugins are a common issue; the best solution is to ask your admins to run nscd
<civodul>when passing --no-offload, the helper "guix offload" command is never launched
<civodul>so you can work around that getpw issue
<wehlutyk>yes, that works :) (it's now rebuilding the world)
<wehlutyk>so without substitutes things seem to work (for now, it's still building everything). With substitutes there is a weird nfs-related problem
<wehlutyk>`guix install: error: cannot unlink `/gnu/store/fa6wj5bxkj5ll1d7292a70knmyl7a0cr-glibc-2.31/lib': Directory not empty`
*wehlutyk < >
<wehlutyk>and `lsof` says guix-daemon is using those files
*wehlutyk < >
<wehlutyk>(please tell me if I'm dumping too much here, I expect people have other things to do, just in case these have easy answers I prefer checking)
<zimoun>civodul: is it possible to pack with zstd?
<zimoun>wrong window :-)
<zimoun>wehlutyk: I see and I do not know if it is easily fixable.
<wehlutyk>zimoun: ok, I'll stick with etc-guix for now 🙂
<civodul>zimoun: i think so
<zimoun>civodul: ah yeah, RTFM. ;-)
<wehlutyk>I have to go, I'll summarize my current state and updates on the thread asap. Thanks zimoun & civodul
<civodul>wehlutyk: cool, thank you!
<zimoun>hey! Reading <>. Do we try to organize a free one week remote european summer school targetting Guix4Science? Or at least prepare English material that we could share?
<civodul>zimoun: nothing to do with a "summer of code" though, right? :-)
<civodul>but yes, i think we should do that
<civodul>we just need to bring some of the usual suspects on board
<civodul>fortunately, doing an on-line event is less work
<zimoun>civodul: related because the name “summer” ;-)
<zimoun>and do they really pay their mentor?
<civodul>(i always heard that GSoC could give money to mentors; i never got a dime but apparently the FSF did, somehow)
<zimoun>ah, interesting to know.