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<civodul>a colleague at work is looking for Tensorflow 2.0...
<civodul>did anyone eventually make a quick'n'dirty package?
<civodul>my recollection is that Bazel was the main blocker for a proper package
<efraim>I worked on basel a bit but even with patchelf it was still generating unpatched code to the point it was worth trying to start with 0.4.2 or something. Never made it near tensorflow
<civodul>uh, ok
<zimoun>civodul: nothing I am aware.
<civodul>seen while building metis: RUNPATH contains bogus entries: ("/home/karypis/local/lib")
<rekado>Tensorflow 2.0 was too difficult for me, so I gave up.
<civodul>rekado: yeah i remember you mentioned it
<civodul>you were trying to "do it right" though
<civodul>i was wondering if anyone had tried dirty shortcuts
<rekado>ah, right
<rekado>building bazel without packaging the jars first — that might work.
<rekado>efraim: what exactly were you patchelf’ing?
<efraim>rekado: uh, i'll pull up the file(s)
<efraim>here's the bazel file and the tensorflow one
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