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<rekado>found a drawback of using the main server as a substitute server and letting the EC2 VMs fetch pre-built profiles from there: grafts are not substitutable!
<rekado>so the EC2 instances waste a lot of time grafting when the grafted thing could have just been copied.
<rekado>would be nice if this was configurable, but the allowSubstitutes property is part of the derivation file.
<rekado>I guess I could patch the daemon to ignore that.
*rekado bites the bullet and writes an enumerate script that prints file names for rsync
<rekado>here’s a little server that dumps whatever it’s asked to dump:
<rekado>on the host I run “guix repl -- server.scm” and on the target VM it’s something like this: “echo '"/gnu/store/fa6wj5bxkj5ll1d7292a70knmyl7a0cr-glibc-2.31"' | nc 2904”
<rekado>the result might be piped into “guix archive --import”
<rekado>I guess I could use “guix archive --export” in that server loop directly
<rekado>much nicer:
<civodul>rekado: but you need Guix installed on the target machine, right?
<civodul>i thought you were targeting non-Guix installations
<rekado>yes, but I have a pretty cheap way to get Guix
<rekado>initially I wanted to do without Guix on the user VMs but I can save time by starting with a clone of a snapshot of a Guix disk.
<rekado>so the user VMs have a slightly outdated, independent copy of /gnu
<civodul>if you have SSH + 'guix repl', 'guix copy' should work
<rekado>I don’t have SSH, or rather I don’t want to
<civodul>ah ok
<rekado>because I’d rather not manage keys or exchange them first
<civodul>then see also 'guix archive --missing'
<rekado>yeah, using that has been on my mind, too :)
<civodul> oh!
<civodul>looks verrrry nice
<civodul>great teaser at least :-)
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<zimoun>we definitively need a “guix import julia” :-)
<civodul>we do!
<zimoun>civodul: the first piece to have “marchine learning” stuff with Julia is packaged. Pfff! See <>. If you have the time, it could be nice to have it for 1.2.1. Well, I think you are the only commiter which would review Julia stuff. :-)
<civodul>zimoun: i'm the jack of all trades, i even reviewed PHP stuff!
<zimoun>:-) Well, Nicoló is CC and maybe they will review, but it is sometime without seeing them.